Cage Busters Academy
A 3 Month Self Discovery Journey With Tarot With Voxer Support

A 3 Month Self Discovery Journey With Tarot With Voxer Support

Go On a Self-Discovery & Healing Journey That Is Personalized To You

Using cage busting and tarot cards, we map out your path to:

  • Know and accept yourself and your desires
  • Heal trauma
  • Find Your Path
  • Transform your wounds into wisdom
  • Stop feeling stuck, small or scared

You let me know if you want to go on an outward journey or an inward one and I draw cards for your journey to help you heal and integrate your learnings. 

Outward journeys involve you going into the world to learn or discover something. 

Inward journeys are normally healing integrations.

Each week I pull a card for you and then leave you a reading and journaling questions to help you.

Outward Journeys covers

  • Where Are You Right Now?
  • Quest or An Escape?
  • Heart’s Desire, What Do You Fear To Desire?
  • Lesson You Need to Learn To Get Through The Messy Middle
  • Skills and Strengths To Draw Upon
  • Who or What Is Your Block?
  • Who Helps You? Where Do You Need To Reach Out For Help?
  • Your Spiritual Aid 
  • Resolving The Problem

Inward Journey covers

  • Integrating healing or lesson
  • What do you need to integrate?
  • How do you recover? What do you need to open up to?
  • What is your source of love?
  • Discovering the roots of your anxiety
  • How To Embrace Creativity
  • Overcoming Your Fears
  • Inspiration: Committed or Interested?
  • Change & Possibility: Does It Still Have Power Over You
  • Revaluate & Integrate

You get weekly pulls and reading plus the ability to reach out with extra questions or need support over Voxer

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