Cage Busters Academy
Cage Busters Academy: With Private Voxer Support

Cage Busters Academy: With Private Voxer Support

Let's overcome the conflict between who you know you are inside versus who you are forced to be for the world.

Together we create a map to bust out of your cage and blast past those freedom thieves keeping you locked in your cage.

Stop internalizing other people's vision of who you are and who you should be.

Seriously. Right now.

Cage Busters Academy helps you reclaim your life by giving you the structure and accountability to help you create a roadmap for your life -  with yourself as the guide.

What would feeling whole look and feel like?

What about worthy?

Or even just not so overwhelmed by the every day?

Together we 

  • have deeper and more meaningful relationships (especially the one with yourself!) 
  • fight perfectionism (hello joy!)
  • learn how to use the heroine's journey structure to map out your life and hit your goal (messy middle conquered!)
  • know if you are about to go on an escape or a quest (and how to use an escape to come back stronger so you can have the power to quest!)
  • harness the power of bibliotherapy (yes an excuse to read even more books!) 
  • Create a journaling habit for greater self-awareness (that means better boundaries and self-trust!)
  • Gain resiliency to go through the deep changes life throws at you ((finally understand why some people say your deepest wound could be your greatest gift. Seriously, it's true!)
  • Stop getting lost in your internal struggle (because you will have a map out)
  • Break down expectations for what they are, which ones are real and which ones are freedom thieves (and end the guilt that comes with it)
  • and more! 

Each week is dripped out so you have the time to go deep and do the work - but there is also bonus material each week for those who have the time to do even more. (And the bonus material never expires, so you can use it when you need it!).

So ask yourself: whose life are you living? If you feel like the answer is any other than a life that you feel is authentic and aligned to you then join me on this three-month quest to dive deep, discover your freedom thieves and bust out of your cage and into a life you love.

23 Modules

Welcome: Let's Jump Right In

Self Care Deep Dive

Week 2: Reflection & Preparation: The Golden Cage Inventory

In order to move forward, we need to understand how we got to where we are. The golden cage inventory helps us see our cage clearly, without judgment and with a deep understanding of how our cage offers a sense of safety while also keeping us stuck. 

To “let it go” and move onto a creative, vibrant and aligned life we first need to go deeper and find out how we built our particular golden cage to begin with.  (And even if yours feels more rust than gold plated, there is some aspect of it keeping you in. There are flecks of gold in there that keep you stuck).

It really doesn't matter what we are striving for, be it creative, financial, or locational freedom, we can't build a new future without acknowledging what we did (good and bad) to get us where we currently are. 

By looking at your past we can build your future, otherwise, it's just going to catch up on you. 

We need to see where the bars in our life are. Sometimes they feel so tightly closed we don't try the door that was unlocked all along. 

30 Days Self Care Challenge

How to move past your past

happiness in the now

Letting go of anger

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

The power of motivation

Motivation to change

Limiting Beliefs

Modules for this product 23
I Am Ready To Bust Out Of My cage & Into A Life I Love!

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