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Cage Busting Basics: Find Your Freedom Thieves So You Can Start Living A Life You Love

Cage Busting Basics: Find Your Freedom Thieves So You Can Start Living A Life You Love

Are you ready to thrive?

You want to, you know there is passion and vitality and zeal inside you, but somewhere along the way it got pushed down and locked up. Every time you think you can break free life comes crashing down around you and you find yourself wondering if survival mode is the best you can hope for. 

We spend so much of our lives building a life that projects to the outside world how great everything is on the inside. 

We do so fully convinced that this devotion to building outwards rather than inwards will bring us happiness. 

Welcome to the golden cage. 

The golden cage is the belief that chasing the image of happiness is the same as obtaining it. It puts on a hamster wheel of running after illusions rather than that which actually brings it. 

And it leaves us wondering why our insides never match up with the outside. We check all the boxes, what are we doing wrong?

Freedom thieves are to blame.

Thanks to them we spend all our time shining our cages for the approval of others rather than merely opening the door and stepping outside to a life of joy and freedom. 

Busting out of your cage means you stop building a life designed for others and instead build one where you feel actual joy.

Cageology is about understanding how and why we create these cages, what they bring us and what they keep us from, and how we can bust free from them to live the life we desire and deserve.  

And by signing up for this course you have taken your first step to be a Cage Buster and embracing a life you create and love.

By the end of this course, you will be able to highlight your freedom thieves so you will have learned to see when you are polishing your bars and when you are held inside. And that is the first step to a life of freedom, fulfillment, and purpose.

Inside you will 

  • find out how to identify thieves so you can start a plan to break out of your cage
  • start your own Life Plan to bust out of your cage
  • discover three tools to aid you on your cage busting adventures
  • unlock more awesome bonuses just by doing the already free lessons

Let's start Cage Busting!

11 Modules

Welcome to Learning To See Your Golden Cage

Bonus Unlocked! Deep Dive Course

Creative Mermaids are not afraid of the depths. We dive deep here.

Looking for a guided journal that helps you with questions on how to start diving beneath the surface?

The Dive Deep course and guided journal aim at helping you become the best possible you as defined by you.

We are constantly bombarded with images and information on who and how we should be. This mini-course is the first step in helping you work past the expectations of others and to look to your own.

The first dive is a gentle one. We look at five areas meant to be examined over a five day period:

Day 1: What do you want

Day 2: Why do you want it

Day 3: Who is inspiring and influencing you 

Day 4: Where is judgment blocking you 

Day 5: Going Forward

Creative mermaids believe life is messy and wonderful and painful and phenomenal. We try to keep in mind not just the diamond, but the coal. Creative mermaids know that as desirable as being a diamond is, the coal must be terrified of the process to become one. Coal, as it is at that moment, ceases to exist. We know that everyone has the ability to be a diamond, but given the sacrifice required to become one, we understand why it is such a difficult journey.

We also know that the journey is where the creative process is the richest. Our motto is from Anais Ninn and it is “Perfection is static and I am in full motion.”

We respect the process here and work with it instead of against it. (Ok, we mostly work with it! See above, we are in full motion!)

We don't believe in surface level, fluffy “get rich quick and find ultimate happiness forever” schemes around here. We believe in hard work and adventure! You too? Let’s do this!

Welcome to What Are Freedom Thieves?

Welcome to How do Freedom Thieves Work in Your Life?

Welcome to Tools Of Cage Busting: Yoga

Bonus Unlocked! My Yoga Journal PDF

Welcome to Tools Of Cage Busting: Journaling

Welcome to Tools Of Cage Busting: Bibliotherapy

Bonus Unlocked! My Bookish Life

What Next? Let's Go Deeper & Start Building A Life You Love

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Let's Start Cage Busting

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