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Hello there Radiant you!

Are you ready to thrive?

I know you want to and that you know there is passion and vitality and zeal inside you. However, somewhere along the way life happened and it got pushed down and locked up. Every time you think you can break free life comes crashing down around you and you find yourself wondering if survival mode is the best you can hope for.

You deserve more.

My job is to help overwhelmed and burnt out women identify their freedom thieves so that they can let go of the past, free themselves from their mental cages and go from a life lived for the approval of others to one of vitality they have created for themselves today. No one jumps straight from caterpillar to butterfly and so we use the tools of bibliotherapy, yoga, and journaling to rediscover who we are, no matter how sticky and confining our present feels. Together with the tools of cage busting we transition out into the next phase of our lives - one that feels connected, rooted in who we are and in alignment with our heart and soul.

My spirit animal is a sloth. Adorable, cuddly, but often slow in initiating things. I like to know my facts before I commit. And I tend to do a lot of thinking and eating before I do so. But when I do I am all in. No matter if you are cheetah, a sloth or somewhere in between, you can use the tools to jailbreak out of that golden cage and free yourself from your freedom thieves!

So if you have yet to dive into the Find Your Freedom Thieves course go jump in there now. It's free and it will help you start to see your thieves and bust out of that cage!

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